Source Quality Raw Materials and Chemicals from India

Our trusted sourcing consultants will help global companies source high quality raw materials at the most competitive prices from India.

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Our customers say that when they source chemicals and raw materials from BizinBiz, what they actually end up getting is ‘peace of mind’. Apart from the best prices, we provide you with visibility into the whole process, so you don’t have to guess which stage your order is at. Not only do we fulfill your orders, we act as sourcing consultant for you, providing you with market intelligence reports, quality inspections, supplier audits, transport/freight consulting, and due diligence services.

Source Specialty Chemicals

We’ve partnered with 100s of small and medium sized specialty chemical manufacturing firms who specialize in chemistries including chlorination, fluorination, nitration, hydrogenation, aromatics, etc.

BizinBiz chemists performing R&D for Specialty Chemicals in India

Source Bulk Chemicals

We aggregate demand to offer economies of scale on material pricing previously unavailable to individual customers and projects. We help you build an alternative raw material source so that you aren’t completely dependent on China.

Chemical reactors producing Bulk Chemicals in Dahej, India

Contract/Toll Manufacturing

We offer access to 25+ contract manufacturing sites, R&D facilities and labs to carry out 10+ hazardous and complex reactions. You can now outsource manufacturing of speciality chemicals or manufacture a custom based product on contractual basis in the most cost-effective way.

BizinBiz Contract Manufacturing facility for Specialty Chemicals in India

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